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Heistein Park

This 44 acre active recreation area includes: 

  • six soccer fields
  • Four Little League/softball fields used by both children and adults
  • A large picnic pavilion
  • Restrooms 
  • Refreshment stand
  • A lake area encircled by the township’s bike trail provides a great setting for fishing and picnicking in warm weather months and ice skating in the winter. 

The park is located at the crossroads of South Road and Doby Road. 

Ice Skating is allowed at the Heistein Park pond during winter months. Parks staff regularly check the ice surface to monitor the ice thickness. Skating is allowed ONLY when a GREEN sign is posted. If there is a RED sign, or no sign posted, then skating is not permitted at that time. The signs are posted at the entrance to the Heistein Park pond parking lot.