Sewer Rate Schedule

User Charges


Quarterly sewer service rate-residential/commercial/professional/industrial and schools effective the 1st quarter billing of 2019:

(a.) Residential

Single-family, quarterly$164.69

Multiple-family dwelling, apartment units, condominium units, seasonal occupancy units, townhouse units or cooperative apartment units:

With more than 2 bedrooms, quarterly$164.69
With 2 bedrooms, quarterly$124.40
With fewer than 2 bedrooms, quarterly$99.87

(b.) Commercial / Professional / Industrial / Schools

Base rate, quarterly, with a 32,000-gallon minimum$164.69
Excess of 32,000-gallon minimum per 1,000 gallons$5.44

c. Where actual daily flow cannot be established, meters shall be installed on the potable and/or non-potable water supply system of a type approved by the authority. The user shall allow the authority, or its agent, entrance and access to the property and buildings of the user for the purpose of installation and meter reading. No person except the agent of this authority shall disconnect, remove or in any way tamper with any water meter, and every water meter shall be wired and sealed.

d. The owner of each building shall pay, or shall be liable for the payment of the annual service charge with respect to such building.

Sewer Connection Fees


  1. Connection directly to existing sewer line within Randolph Township or presently operated and maintained by the township, connection to sanitary sewer lines constructed by the township or its predecessors as a capital project or otherwise, or constructed by any other governmental or public agency, or constructed by a developer as an on-site, on-tract, off-site or off-tract improvement in conjunction with the development of a subdivision or site plan. (including those units constructed by developer in conjunction with a subdivision or site plan where the developer is installing the sewer line at its cost)
  2. Each apartment unit, condominium unit, seasonal occupancy unit, cooperative apartment unit, townhouse unit or single-family dwelling already in existence or to be newly constructed and not presently connected to sewer system shall pay a connection fee as follows:
Single-family dwelling apartment unit, condominium unit, seasonal occupancy unit, cooperative apartment unit, townhouse unit or any other multiple dwelling unit, per unit$7,950

c. Schools, municipal facilities, churches and charitable institutions Same as commercial and industrial connections.

d. Commercial and industrial connection (including condominium offices and cooperative offices): The connection fee shall be computed for each connection based on the charge for a single-family dwelling multiplied by the equivalent number of single- family units contributing the same flow rate to the system in accordance with the following standards:

  1. The design flow rate for one single-family dwelling is 300 gallons per day.
  2. The design flow rate for various types of establishments, as set forth in the applicable regulations of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection ("NJDEP") as amended, currently cited in NJ.A.C. 7:14A-23-3, shall be used to determine the equivalency factor for type of establishments listed therein.
  3. In any case where the design flow cannot be reasonably established, using NJ.A.C. 7:14A-23.3 as a guide, the township shall determine the design flow by such means as are, in its opinion, fair and equitable.
  4. Industrial cost recovery involving federally assisted treatment works shall be as stipulated in 40 CFR 35.928-1 of the Federal Register. The minimum connection fee shall be equivalent to that of one single-family dwelling as set forth above.

e. Motels, hotels, nursing homes, lodging homes (and other types of similar lodging) Same as commercial and industrial except that only one connection shall be required.

f. In the event that the sewage generated from the unit connected to the township's system is treated by a treatment plant owned and operated by another municipal entity or is transmitted through sanitary sewer lines owned, operated or maintained by another municipal entity, in addition to the sewer connection and other fees to be paid to the township as set forth herein, there shall be paid to the township an amount equal to the connection fee or hook-up fee imposed by the other municipal entity upon the township.

Other Fees


  1. Sewer service inspection fee: All sewer services prior to use shall be inspected by the Township Plumbing Inspector in the Township Health Department and all inspection or reinspection charges for this service shall be paid to the Township of Randolph.
  2. Sewer stub fees: In addition to the connection fee, in the event a stub is provided by the township, a separate stub fee for a four inch connection from the sewer main to the curb shall be imposed by the township in the amount of $1,650.
  3. For service connections in excess of four inches, the fee imposed shall be increased based upon the increased costs to the township for materials and for installation of said stub.