Food Licenses


Any establishment, fixed or mobile, where food intended for human consumption is prepared, stored, sold, or given to the public must be licensed and inspected by the Randolph Township Health Department.

This includes everything from restaurants to caterers, delis, butcher shops, mobile food vehicles, and even vending machines if they dispense food and/or beverages. Additionally, organizations holding special events where food and/or drink will be sold are required to obtain a temporary license prior to holding an event.

With the exception of temporary food licenses, all food-related licenses are issued on a calendar year basis. License fees are not pro-rated and all licenses expire on December 31st of each year. This means that applications for renewal should be submitted together with required fees prior to December 1st of each year.

Please note that food licenses are not transferable between or to another owner or operator. Any licensed food establishment which changes ownership, including re-incorporation, is required to obtain a new license and be inspected by the health department before the new owners may begin operations.

Vending Machine License

Required for any food/drink vending machines located at any establishment within Randolph Township. Fees are determined by the number of machines:

Number of MachinesPermit FeeLicense Fee Per Machine
1 to 3$35.00$10.00
4 to 10$75.00$10.00
Over 10$125.00$10.00

Vending machines are not considered licensed until a health department inspection has been conducted.

Temporary Food & Drink License (14 days or less)

Fee: $100 (waived for non-profit organizations providing proof of non-profit status)

Required for any organization planning to sell or distribute food and/or drinks at an event of a temporary nature. Functions regulated by this license include those typically held by school organizations, social clubs, or holiday fairs. License remains in effect until the temporary activity's end date as specified in the license application.

A satisfactory inspection is required by health department personnel prior to issuance of the license. For this reason, an organization should submit its license application far enough in advance of its scheduled event to ensure that sufficient time has been allowed for the inspection and licensing process.

Important: Organizations seeking this license are strongly urged by the health department to study and adhere to the recommendations attached to this license application for the handling and preparation of food.

Mobile / Seasonal (15 to 60 Days) Retail Food License

Fee: $175

Required for any seasonal (15 to 60 days) or mobile unit vendor who wishes to sell food/drink within Randolph Township. Mobile unit operators may also need to obtain a satisfactory criminal background check from the Randolph Police Department prior to applying to the health department.

Please note that pursuant to township code (Sec. 34-34:a-13), no person in any public park or recreation area shall sell, vend or give away, in or upon any of the parks or drives, any articles of merchandise whatever without the express permission of the Randolph Township Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services.

Retail Food Establishment License

Required for any entity seeking to operate an approved, permanent retail food establishment. License fees are determined by the food establishment risk type (1 through 4) as defined in New Jersey Retail Food Establishment Code (see NJ.A.C. 8:24-1 et. seq.) and are as follows:

TypeLicense Fee
Type 1$80.00
Type 2$200.00
Type 3$400.00
Type 4$250.00
Type 3/4$500.00
Surcharge over 10,000 sq. ft.additional 25%
Surcharge over 20,000 sq. ft.additional 50%
Surcharge over 40,000 sq. ft.additional 100%
Reinspection fee (conditional/unsatisfactory rating)initial fee

Licenses will not be issued to those entities that have not received all other necessary municipal approvals (construction codes, fire codes, etc.).

Retail food establishments are subject to routine inspections throughout the year.

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