Street Obstruction Permit


Residents or businesses seeking to utilize a dumpster, container, or other type of street obstruction and have it located in the public roadway must first apply for and obtain a street obstruction permit from the township clerk's office. Note that there is no fee associated with this permit.

The permit will be valid for a period of seven days and may be renewed for additional seven-day periods, but not to exceed more than a total of thirty days.


Any dumpster, container, or other type of street obstruction placed on or along the roadway must be equipped with markers consisting of all yellow reflective diamond-shaped panels having a minimum size of 18 by 18 inches. These panels must be mounted at the edge of the dumpster, container or other type of street obstruction at both ends nearest the path of passing vehicles and facing the direction of oncoming traffic. These markers must have a minimum height of 3 feet from the bottom of the panels to the surface of the roadway.

For your convenience, we have made the Street Obstruction Permit Application Form (PDF) available online. This is a fillable form that may be filled out on your computer, saved to your hard drive, and/or printed out.