1. Health Clinic Fees
Female cancer screening$55
Female cancer screening, senior citizen$50
Male cancer screening$45
Male cancer screening, senior citizen$40
Skin cancer screening$10
Oral cancer screening$10
Chem-23 blood profile$35
Chem-23 blood profile, senior citizen$25
Flu immunization$20
Pneumo 23$110
Pneumonia immunization, conjugate (PVC 13)$200
Hepatitis A vaccine (40/dose × 2 doses)$80
Hepatitis A and B vaccine (combined) (85 a dose)$170
Hepatitis B vaccine (50/dose × 3 doses)$150
Hepatitis B Titer$25
Human papillomavirus vaccine (230/dose × 3 doses) (HPV9)$690
Meningococcal vaccine (menvio)$110
Shingles recombinant (shingrix) 75/dose x 2$150
Rabies Titer$80
MMR Titer$35
Tuberculosis (Quantiferon) Titer$80
  1. Waiver of Fees
  1. Food Handlers Certificate
  1. Rooming house(s)
  1. Child Care Center
  1. Radon Kits (Priced According to Cost Incurred)
  1. Food Establishment Licensing
  1. Massage Establishment
  1. Massage Therapist
  1. Massage Establishment, Reinspection Fee
  1. Public Bathing, Pool
  1. Public Bathing, Spa
  1. Public Bathing, Beach
  1. Public Bathing, Reinspection Fee
  1. Septic Systems & Wells
  1. Body Art Establishment License
  1. Body Art Establishment Temp License 1 to 5 Days
  1. Body Art Establishment Temp License 6 to 10 Days
  1. Body Art Establishment Reinspection Fee
  1. Tanning Facility Annual Inspection Fee
  1. Vending Machine License (Per Unit)
  1. Vending Machine Operator Permit
  1. Youth Camps
  1.  Lead-Based Paint Inspection Fees