The Randolph Township Division of Engineering, within the manager's office, maintains all technical records related to township-owned and operated property, facilities, and utility infrastructure.

Division professionals, under the direction of the township engineer, provide planning and technical oversight related to improvements and other work performed relative to the township's roadways, water and sewer networks, as well as the township's parks and trails.

Daily activities include the following:

  • Inspections of ongoing development sites
  • Design of small to medium township-coordinated construction projects
  • Preparation of requests for proposals for major township construction projects
  • Planning of public works and other utility projects

In addition to the activities listed above, the engineering division provides technical and engineering expertise to other township departments as well as plan review for applications before the planning board and board of adjustment. It also works with DPW staff to implement projects that help reduce the negative impacts of stormwater runoff on the quality of surface and groundwater in the township and with property owners regarding NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) stormwater and floodplains regulations. To see what you can do to improve water quality, visit Clean Water New Jersey website. View the July 2023 NJDEP new building and construction permitting changes overview.