Public Works

The Randolph Township Department of Public Works, overseen by the director of public works, provides a variety of services through the division of public roads, vehicle maintenance and recycling, and the division of sewer and water.

Seasonal and Ongoing Activities include:

  • General street repairs, as well as snow and ice removal, on the Township's 146-mile roadway network
  • Operation of the recycling center
  • Maintenance of the township's police, rescue, fire, and administrative vehicles
  • Administration of the leaf collection, brush collection, and mulch delivery programs
  • Traffic sign maintenance and roadway striping
  • Removal of hazardous trees within the township right-of-way
  • Stormwater management
  • Street Sweeping Program

In addition to the the listed items, the division handles general landscaping as well as minor repairs to township-owned facilities.

Note Regarding Snow Removal and Mailbox Damage:

One of the unintended consequences of any municipal snow removal program is mailbox damage. In most cases, damage to mailboxes results from snow being displaced from truck plows into the township right-of-way. The township plow drivers make every effort to avoid such damage, however, sometimes the impact on mailboxes is unavoidable.

Residents are advised that it is the general policy of the township to not replace mailboxes damaged during the snow removal process. In the event a mailbox is damaged during the snow removal process, residents may contact the Engineering Department to report the damage. The township will investigate the damage, and if there is evidence to support the damage is the result of a township snow plow hitting the mailbox, efforts will be made to repair or replace the damaged post and/or box. The replacement will be a standard post and/or mailbox; the township cannot replace specialty posts/mailboxes. If the damage is due to the snow being displaced from passing plow trucks, the mailbox post being too close to the road, or the post being structurally defective (i.e. rot), the responsibility for the mailbox replacement will be up to the homeowner.

To guard against mailbox damage, we ask that residents ensure proper mailbox placement within the township right-of-way. Mailboxes should not protrude beyond the curb line into the street as to prevent any damage from plows removing snow from township streets. The United States Postal Service has guidelines regarding mailbox placement .

Questions? Contact the Randolph Township Engineering Department at 973.989.7066.